May 12, 2017

Maybe I should

Hey there,

May I should what?? I don't know. My mind are full of words right now. I've been also been thinking to vlo..g maybe. maybe ok. just maybe?

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February 20, 2017

The Dumb Game

Hey guys. How do I begin? Ok. It’s far from new year and my new year post still in my draft and not complete writing it yet. I guess, I should leave it there and wait for another year to post them. Anyway, how’s your life so far? C’mon it’s been too months well not yet exactly. Mine, as usual. Nothing exciting.

After almost 6 months of working, i realized at one point that I feel that I become the most stupidest people on Earth. Why? The whole entire my life before this, I devoted myself living in a study environment. Now, i got nothing else to except looking at my phone and browsing the same nonsense social media feeds. Oh, not just that, I getting fat. 

Tata for now :(

November 08, 2016


Double value? Double standard? High quality? Zero quality? Cheap? 

Excuse me, we are human. Not groceries that you bought for every month. There. People might said, I’m just saying but there are some of the population in this world still rely on those ridiculous things. Yet, I’m didn’t deny that we are influenced by novel based melodrama on tely as a part of our lifestyle. That’s why,people.


October 31, 2016


Although, I know it's been a week already but #sistakbolehmoveon . Since, I got no so called pre convo picture like everyone did, so i did for the post convo. lel. I purposely return the robe a bit late (really only one day left) This kind of pictures are the norm of people took (i did search on pinterest) i was kind of embarrassed looking it back.

seriously, i have to do it -_-

well, i finally did it!

i guess that's all for my 'post-convo' thingy. tata!
p/s : gotta plan for future. M for master, maybe?

October 28, 2016


So guys, I proud to say that I am officially graduated. Yeayyy. I’ve been waiting to say that since four years ago. Why four years? Some said I took so many years finishing my degree while their kids able to finished their degree in 2 years of degree with 3 years of diploma on hand. Well, let me explain. After I finished school then I was offered to the matriculation and did my one year program study. I repeat, one year program. (fyi, it is not even 12 months pon but it’s 9 months) later on I apply to continue my degree, specifically in UPM. Why UPM? Is it just because it’s near my house? Is it because I want to be with my family all the time? The answer for all of the questions are YES. I grew up here in Serdang and it’s the place where the UPM stated. Besides, UPM is one of the top research universities in Malaysia. So, it’s kind of my dream to study there since kid. I did my matriculation in Penang. 5 hours of drive from Serdang. So that’s why.

Back to the question why I took 4 years to finished my degree. Well, most of the science courses offered for undergraduate students in UPM are 4 years. So, if you wondering why? That the reason why. During the study, I had so many ups and down. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I get up to survive during these for years. So, I’m graduated with Bachelor of Science (Human Development and Information Technology). I know..i know. My course name sound so unfamiliar and unpopular. Do I really care? No, I’m not. Yet they are so unfamiliar and unpopular to you guys, that is the course that most of the student scared of. Why? That course consist double major. So later you’ll study 2 exactly different things during your study. Plus, you’ll find out later that you cannot divide time to finish the two different things assignments. Another, if you are a computer science student or an IT student, you must pass Calculus and some of the killer subjects. Which most of reasons came to conclusion, they hate this course that I’ve took. But whatever I’ve graduated with double major degree. Yeayy….  

I'm gonna miss all the excitement and my friends during study. really. i rememeber during school days, my teacher used to tell me that "you gonna missed to study when you get old". and now, i get it. most of my close friends doesn't live in here in Selangor.

(thats my sister and her bf)

most important, i would like to thanks to all the people who always been behind my back. without them, i'm probably wasn't able to attend the awesome ceremony. thanks alot.

i think thats all for now. i'll write more soon. tata!

p/s : i didn't sleep on the stage. thanks to the cameraman...

October 20, 2016


My friends told me that me and makeup are totally unseparatable (don’t know if it’s the right word) but most of the time I went hang out with them, I always drag them to makeup store and try all the testers and went out buy nothing from the store. Hehehe… most of the time I wore lipstick. Yes lipstick. Don’t know why, it pretty much already become my staple to have it every day. That’s why I love to collect lipstick or any lip product. I mean, I know sounds more like love to buy them.

Do I wear them all? Yes. Regularly. I switch color everyday but my favorite will be the Revlon Matte Balm. They really comfortable to wear. The color…omg!! I love them all. (This post is not sponsored btw) not so recently I’ve tried one lip cream from NYX. It’s another game changer. Not even kidding. Try them and you’ll fall in love straight away with it. It’s called Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. The best, perfect and I don’t know what to say color so far. Suitable for any skin tone. But unfortunately, I already run out and worst I can’t find them here in Malaysia. It’s not like we don’t NYX in Sephora but that shade is never been in stock. Pretty sad.  I have to order them online and paid a few extra money to get that shade. I hope they sell more in Malaysia.
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Newest, I’ve tried the lipstick from Colorpop. I’ve been eyeing them since like forever that come out. Especially the lippie stix. Yes, I’m a sucker for any crayon type kind of lipsticks. Hehehe…. I got them in Cami and another one I’ve tried the ultra-matte lip in bumble. Another omggg!!!! 

source : Google

The color is so pretty. Yes, I think I spend my money the right way with the right quality of products. No regrets at all. Yet again I put myself into another trouble since their not sell in Malaysia. Yup and they even become my favorite lipstick. Can’t imagine if I’m run out of it. Yet they are so good and pretty and also the power stain is undeniable. Yup undeniable. Tbh, I quite struggling to pull off those lipstick from my lips. They really like paint that you put on the wall. If you guys know how to take off them easily, please let me know in the comment.

Tata for now.

p/s : again this post is not sponsored.

October 19, 2016



Hey peeps. So today I got a chance to meet my old friends at uni’s  since they came here for collecting their convo robe and attend the rehearsal for the ceremony too. I mean not the entire my course batch but I guess some of it.
I met them and greet each other friendly yadayada…. And so on. This particular creature (not mention her name) oh, btw! Did I mention that my course batch are ALL GIRLS? Yes, girl power. All the guy has surrender before their finished and change to other course. They said they scared of Programming and Calculus. Most of the they said they could catch up with the IT subjects coz their got some maths going on. I mean yeah, I do feel that way too before but it’s only at the moment.

Back to the story I want to tell, so today I met those girls. I mean some of those girls. We greet and talk about our life happily and suddenly this particular creature (no name mention). I mean, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She suddenly put on her face, that face you feel you want to slap on. In Bahasa we called ‘Muka berlagak’. Like all of sudden. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to put on that face kot. I thought we matured enough to fake on every time we met someone we don’t like. If there are reasons because she don’t like me during the study then I guess study is over. You don’t have to act like YOU’RE THE BOSS ANYMORE! I really don’t understand….


Like seriously that is so immature. I know, that not everyone likes me and some of them annoyed my mouth. Well, honestly I prefer to be honest and say something if that I don’t like. As easy as that. I don’t like to ‘kipas’ or please everyone. I told to my close friends and they said ‘”WTH with those people? Please grow up!”. Hahhaa….

I think, some people they might thought they is a really good or so ‘honorable’ with that kind of attitude. Yes, those people exist in this world and people like my have confront with that annoying attitude of them. Here I want to declare that this post is not for hurting people feeling of what so ever. Just to clarify that if you don’t like me, don’t even think that I will or want to like you and you just wasting your bloody time to put on a face on front of me. Hahaha..thanks a lot. There, people. Thanks a lot if you guys read this post. And if you had same experience as me, I mean ‘I FEEL YOU GIRLLL’.

Tata for now. I’ll write more soon!