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I'm the Boss

It’s all started as a trend during I was in form 4 in school. It was a trend to own your very own website other than using social media that are famous back then such as MySpace, Friendster and more. Therefore, as a trend follower, I did create a blog in 2006. Back then, the name of my blog is not as you see today and tbh, I don’t remember what it was since I change a few time already.

Now, apparently I'm blogging like biscuits by means sometimes or maybe once a year to be the worst. As I grow older, yes I enjoy doing social networking (it just funny to see people these days). I love to share some stories with you guys without knowing who you are.

Oh, btw my name is Wardah and I got nothing to do with any malay drama. but it seems to a matter since people say I did kinda faking my name to copy that particular drama. No, my parents gave me that name before that malay drama even existed. Thanks

xo :)

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