My friends told me that me and makeup are totally unseparatable (don’t know if it’s the right word) but most of the time I went hang out with them, I always drag them to makeup store and try all the testers and went out buy nothing from the store. Hehehe… most of the time I wore lipstick. Yes lipstick. Don’t know why, it pretty much already become my staple to have it every day. That’s why I love to collect lipstick or any lip product. I mean, I know sounds more like love to buy them.

Do I wear them all? Yes. Regularly. I switch color everyday but my favorite will be the Revlon Matte Balm. They really comfortable to wear. The color…omg!! I love them all. (This post is not sponsored btw) not so recently I’ve tried one lip cream from NYX. It’s another game changer. Not even kidding. Try them and you’ll fall in love straight away with it. It’s called Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. The best, perfect and I don’t know what to say color so far. Suitable for any skin tone. But unfortunately, I already run out and worst I can’t find them here in Malaysia. It’s not like we don’t NYX in Sephora but that shade is never been in stock. Pretty sad.  I have to order them online and paid a few extra money to get that shade. I hope they sell more in Malaysia.
source : Google

Newest, I’ve tried the lipstick from Colorpop. I’ve been eyeing them since like forever that come out. Especially the lippie stix. Yes, I’m a sucker for any crayon type kind of lipsticks. Hehehe…. I got them in Cami and another one I’ve tried the ultra-matte lip in bumble. Another omggg!!!! 

source : Google

The color is so pretty. Yes, I think I spend my money the right way with the right quality of products. No regrets at all. Yet again I put myself into another trouble since their not sell in Malaysia. Yup and they even become my favorite lipstick. Can’t imagine if I’m run out of it. Yet they are so good and pretty and also the power stain is undeniable. Yup undeniable. Tbh, I quite struggling to pull off those lipstick from my lips. They really like paint that you put on the wall. If you guys know how to take off them easily, please let me know in the comment.

Tata for now.

p/s : again this post is not sponsored.


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