Hot is the WORD!

I'm going to start my entry with the word of HOT! That's right it's absolutely HOT rite now. Again absolutely drove me HOT! So again and again I hate HOT coz it maks me sweat. Yes, sweat!

But I dont sweat like a goat sceaming when shower. That's right! I just watched Victorious at channel 612, they also talked about HOT! weather. I had the terrible and painful headache. Really HOT! not only drove you crazy, also makes you in pain.

Oh, so sick now. Almost everything today wasn't quite right for me. *yawn!
LIke OMK, why this song Speak Now by Taylor Swift is so slow! It should be quite fast. Huh!

By the way, a big CONGRATULATION to my friend, Nashu. Who just passed her JPJ test. Hahaha, orang JPJ yang suruh kau nyanyi tuh suke kat kau kot Nashu. Sebab comel sangat! Oppsss.... jangan marah! Anyway, congrats again!

'So, did sweat actually siblings to urine?', a dialogue from Victorious.
Ok, I'm HOT and it's so mess HOT! here. xoxo!


  1. fuyoo kak wa ..
    so hot la this entry . hahax..
    malam ni pon terasa hotnye.. sambil baca this entry lagi hot .. huhu ( apa yang aku ngepet niyh )

  2. munirah memang lawak.
    ahahaha! Lol!


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