Non of us are perfect. Everyone make mistakes in the life and especially to others. Mostly talking behind their back *mengumpat, rite? Have ever you felt, someone talking crap behind your back? And you got know he/she is your best friend forever. Well, I did! It’s all suddenly happened when I was in school. We’ve been friend since form 1. We got the ame class until form 5. I remembered when I was form 3, she start to change her attitude. So weird!

She suddenly doesn’t want to friend with me. She’s not even talked to me, ignored me. I must say, everyone realized that because I’m one of talkative person in class. Later than, it became more worst! I don’t know what she said about me to others. Like now everyone begun done same thing that she’s done to me.

But my other best friend said to me, “hey, babe! What up with her?”. I replied back, “eh, takde la, die yang tiba-tiba ignoring me!”. “weird la”, she replied back. She continued, “ korang gaduh ke?”. I said, “ oh, no la!”. “well, ok then.”

Even worst when we all almost nearly to PMR exam, she really annoyed! Like OMG!!! Bad attitude. Babe, if you continue that kind of habit, you’ll suffer. I almost cried when she done it again *actually I did cried. But thank God, I my other bf came to calmed me. Back then, I realized why I’m cried for that such of person. Hell, I don’t care about it! Oh, no!

Later then, the next year. I never talked to her. During form 5, then I’m start talking to her. Well, it just a little bit. That when needed only.

The point is, korang boleh terima ke orang macam tuh? Kalau orang asked something, she just buat buat tak dengar je apa kita kata *wtf. How rude is that rite? And fyi, best friend, you already become my EX-BESTFRIEND ya! Orang dah banyak tolong die, terima kasih pon tak pernah cakap.*wtf. So people out there, do we really to forgive such that person? Be kind to them? Be again their best friend? DO WE NEED TO FORGIVE THEM? Urmm… what do think? Huh, ada aku kisah pasal ko? Bla la! OMG, my English is suck!

p/s : sorry, hari ni I emo lebih lebih pulak *giggles. And I just became crazy with the song tittle ‘Itulah Sayang sang by Liyana Fizi, Najwa, Mira (from Tilu) and Yuna’. xoxo


  1. haa, biasa la tu weh ..
    abaikan je .. 2cent

  2. mari kite main teka teki!
    sapa dapat jawab, aku belanja kareoke. mau??

  3. takkan nak teka teki kat sini , karang semua tau pulak .. haha

  4. takkan nak mention terus en. ikram ooii!
    silap orang la...


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