What is preconvo? Huh. Recently I just took my convocation robe. I’ll tell you what there are thousand of people came. Like no kidding. I came at the first day and I thought no one gonna come on the first day since it’s the first day but my bad. Most of the people come on the first day. My mom keep ask me to come on the first day because she said,

'the robe size gonna finish if u come late. Then no size for you. You have to wear big ones…'

Soon, UPM will full with ex student who wants to do their ‘preconvo’ shoots. Me?? I’m not joining. That’s for people who doesn’t have commitment at the moment. But my mom so excited to take my picture while I’m trying out the robe. Here some of the peek..

thanks mom for the blurry picture.

 Oh, did I mention that my convo will be on this 23rd. I certainly not 100% physically and mentally prepare. Not at all. The day before my convo also I need to work too. So whatever.



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