Lipstick Review Part 2

I mean I know based on the title there I’m pretty sure most of you would know what I’m gonna write. Since my birthday is past… I mean I’m a year older now. No fancy celebration for this year but just enough for me to enjoy the day for myself. Yet as you grow older, cakes, candles and fancy party are not necessary.

For time of the moment, I did rewarded myself with 1 lipstick. Yes, just one. Only one. Why one? People around me already told me I had enough of lipstick. Well, you’ll never gonna had enough lipstick. Trust me. I had a birthday wishes that said I should live happy with my lipsticks. Donno that I found it sounds very sarcastic but anyway thanks for the wishes guys. I’ve been trying a few lipstick or any liquid lipsticks that may people rave about. Yasss, I’m one of the people guys. Enough with talk, lets jump on the list. I’ll start with no fav.

1. Nyx Lingerie : Ruffle Trim
Oh yes, I’ve looking it since for ever since it come out. Finally able to grab one online. Since its not lipstick by means an actual bullet lipstick, I try to consider it. It’s liquid lipstick. Dry down to matte finish. They said you’ll find at least one nude shade of yours. Urmm…no I don’t find any. Bought mine in shade ‘Ruffle Trim’. I would say, I wish the color a bit darker.  I still need to used lip liner to make them not straky during application. Feels light on lips compare to other brand I’ve tried before. Nevertheless, I’ll rate it 3/5 . No offence guys, I’m just not a fan.

2. Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick : spotlight red, cherry pickling
Since I’m kinda obsessed with matte lipstick, so mostly the review about matte lippy. This one, color wise I would say it really pigmented and bold. They also pretty on tan skin like mind. The color range also a lot and I sure most of you will find the perfect shades for you. Downside is, since the price is cheap, they tend to be out of stock. Damn drying but last longer. Overall, I give 4/5 .

3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Drench Lip Splash Lipstick
I bought it during festive seasons and it was in set with Amazonian clay blush and light, camera, lashes mascara. Got a good deal buying them and absolutely not regretted. That lipstick is absolutely something I couldn’t forget. The color was amazing and it has satin-matte finishing. Super comfortable wearing it. Yet, I got in sample size and it is almost running out. Also, I can’t find any normal size for that lipstick. Anyway, highly recommended. 4/4 btw.

4. Colorpop lippie stix : Cami
It was fine, I guess. I love the color so much. Of course it’s matte. Good quality. 4/5.

5. Colorpop ultra matte lip : Beeper
Something that I wasn’t really sure either I like or not. The color is so beautiful and there are variety that you choose from. Yet, I think because it’s liquid lipstick and they dried down to matte finish makes my lips sooooo uncomfortable. And of course, it long wearing. It cling really onto your lips. And those b*hole I mean my inner lips, please don’t judge them. I guess if you get a good nude color that suit your skin tone, I think it look fine. For me, it was ok. That beeper color suit me and makes my teeth looks flawless. That’s what matters. Maybe if I want to purchase again, I’ll go with the satin finish rather than the matte ones. 3/5
That’s all for my review. For now. And this post is not sponsored. Finally able to restock my Fav nyx smlc in cannes. Thanks to Hermo!!!!

Tata for now.

p/s: for all those lipsticks, you may googled them just like i do :)


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