hey guys, I know being a graduated bachelor student won’t be so easy for me. I mean to most of us too. Especially has to compete with others in terms of finding jobs, positions, at cafeteria and yadayadayada. I just joking about the café thing. But really, ever since I finished not yet get the so called awesome scroll, people keep on ask and demand me to pursue my study. As I work with tremendous amount of leisure time, most of the people I met are lecturers. Fyi, I not working at the same faculty that I study. That will be hilarious and bothered me at the same time as the lecturer knows me very well. In that case, they really know my attitude and all about me. Not that I’m a bad student or what. But just that I don’t favor to do that.

Back to the topic, yup they keep asking me if I don’t want to further my study? Tbh, ever since I was born and I was able a superpower, my study will be my abilities. Yes, I love studying. I really did enjoy them. Again, I don’t answer the question. Yes, I would love to continue to master study. But then, I felt everything is to new for me. I really want to work for a while and gain some experience. For me more like working to get my own pocket money. Plus, I need to save up for the master fees. Really, the price are no jokes.

Another question came across people ask, do I want to follow my sister footstep study abroad??? My answer if I’m not staying with my mom will YES. But now, the answer is no. Study abroad is not an easy ass thing like that most of rich kid was sent by their parent did. It is really a big thing for me. Right now, I have zero level confidence to go somewhere that are foreign to me. My mind set for now, is 

‘Wardah, you can’t do this…. you can’t do that’. 

There, I really need to set my mind if I want to further my study there. Plus, I really need to polish up my English since it rusted like anchor chain. I think I’ll be ready if I sounds and talk like Kim K or maybe Emma Watson. Joking!

So, if people did ask me again if I want to continue my study or not, my answer is definitely yes but not at this mean time. I cannot follow people trend and because of that trend, I have to follow them. Wtf!! And fyi, I really can’t tolerate with people that boosting about their kids further study this and that like I’m no educated people. I can’t cope with that.

Can’t wait to try out the convocation robe. I’ll write more soon.



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