So guys, I proud to say that I am officially graduated. Yeayyy. I’ve been waiting to say that since four years ago. Why four years? Some said I took so many years finishing my degree while their kids able to finished their degree in 2 years of degree with 3 years of diploma on hand. Well, let me explain. After I finished school then I was offered to the matriculation and did my one year program study. I repeat, one year program. (fyi, it is not even 12 months pon but it’s 9 months) later on I apply to continue my degree, specifically in UPM. Why UPM? Is it just because it’s near my house? Is it because I want to be with my family all the time? The answer for all of the questions are YES. I grew up here in Serdang and it’s the place where the UPM stated. Besides, UPM is one of the top research universities in Malaysia. So, it’s kind of my dream to study there since kid. I did my matriculation in Penang. 5 hours of drive from Serdang. So that’s why.

Back to the question why I took 4 years to finished my degree. Well, most of the science courses offered for undergraduate students in UPM are 4 years. So, if you wondering why? That the reason why. During the study, I had so many ups and down. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I get up to survive during these for years. So, I’m graduated with Bachelor of Science (Human Development and Information Technology). I know..i know. My course name sound so unfamiliar and unpopular. Do I really care? No, I’m not. Yet they are so unfamiliar and unpopular to you guys, that is the course that most of the student scared of. Why? That course consist double major. So later you’ll study 2 exactly different things during your study. Plus, you’ll find out later that you cannot divide time to finish the two different things assignments. Another, if you are a computer science student or an IT student, you must pass Calculus and some of the killer subjects. Which most of reasons came to conclusion, they hate this course that I’ve took. But whatever I’ve graduated with double major degree. Yeayy….  

I'm gonna miss all the excitement and my friends during study. really. i rememeber during school days, my teacher used to tell me that "you gonna missed to study when you get old". and now, i get it. most of my close friends doesn't live in here in Selangor.

(thats my sister and her bf)

most important, i would like to thanks to all the people who always been behind my back. without them, i'm probably wasn't able to attend the awesome ceremony. thanks alot.

i think thats all for now. i'll write more soon. tata!

p/s : i didn't sleep on the stage. thanks to the cameraman...


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