Hello there. It’s been a very loonggg time that I’ve never post anything here.  Yes, I know that I keep on repeating the same excuses since forever I posted a post here. Busy with classes, assignments, and final year project and bla bla bla. And yes, my draft is overloaded with unfinished writing but somehow I decided to write a new one. Plus, with the condition no wifi or internet connection like super dash really crashed my mood to start writing.

Tbh, I just finished my study three months ago (I think). And currently just waiting for my convocation ceremony to get those people called a 4 years of studies and get those a sheet of paper that had ‘You graduated’ printed on it. So within these 3 months, well I did nearly nothing except that  I just chilling, eating and sleeping at house. Oh yeah, watching Korean shows is another thing. heh.

TBH  I already got a job. Not really a stable one but still I able to get some money for myself before my convocation on this 23rd. hhaahha.

And I’ll write more soon. Tata!


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