Within this week, I had a very terrible fever. Never in a very long time. In case you wondering what I write, the first sentence explain it all. Such a pain in my body parts. There! I can’t even wake up, food taste nothing, body ache, flu and etc. now still in the dizzy mode.

It’s not like I never had a fever but this the worst. Usually when the time I got fever, I’m still able to do activities and eating really well than usual. Then my body temperature is high like cray until I couldn’t wake up from bed at all. Never in my entire life time, did I never ever not finished my meal. Ever a slice of bread. But I did try eat other food since I have to consume the meds. After meds, I sweat like living in the desert. No jokes! Sweats like no other day than my temp starts to rise again. 

There how I spent my weekend. Stressful. No jokes. Tired. No jokes. Sleepy. No jokes. Now, I able to wake up and get my a** to work. Huh, thanks to the drugs. I mean the medicine. This is my life so far after I got a job. Huh. Let just pray I survive for this week.

I’ll write more soon. Tata!


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