My LI experience | Part 2

wait, where was i?? ok that part i was sent to do jobs outside the office. with my friend. ok lah. ok ok ok. how do i restart again this story? i went there carpooling with my friend car since i donno how to drive (not that i dont know,scared actually)

so again, i was glad to be partner with her doing the job. did i mention that i was sent to Perak? ok we were sent to the job to Perak plus i was in fasting month (i just remember) it was fasting month. we were ordered to finished the task for 2 days and get back to office after that. hurmm...ok. we positively planned on how to finished that tasks given at within that period of time carefully. and hoping it gonna be follow as planned. the roads , the kilometers, person to contact with.... check! all set up. 

on the first day there (which my 4th day of intern), we manage to pull off the task for that day. we gone the ups and down with sweat and not so tears done the tasks. we report everything back to manager. ok lah.

on the next day, we were determined ('konon') to finished it since we really want to get back home and have a life on weekends. we did finished the task at noon on that day. freakin' tired, seriously. on fasting month plus it was no rain and hot. 

some conflict occurred. at that time only Allah know how we felt, we really try our best to do this job well. but somehow it does going as planned.  at that time, i think why all the negative thought and vibes always wondered me around while i was doing intern at that company. i felt really sad and betrayed on how the manager told us. he told us to redoing it again with a different kinda thing. i was an intern. i just an intern. i know. but really that manager, i mean ex manager really killing me off.  i was so pissed so as my friend. .....................

keep reading it.

if you could imagine my friend car also got broke and luckily got some help by the very very very nice people to fix the car. i wish all good things to them who help us that day. by the time, we were tired and exhausted, we stop the car somewhere. and that time, my friend suddenly  got a call from other company that offered her to do internships there. she was so trill. she really made us her mind to quit at company and start a new one. 

without no doubt, i thought i should follow her too. there, the bad feeling i had all that time was right. i really wasn't for me. i called my mom, and told her that i want to quit so badly. plus i also ask her to find me an internship somewhere (i cried btw). so my mom called the faculty if i can change to pursue my internships at other company. and the said YES! plus too, the faculty said that i've received another offered for internship at UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA. that moment, i was really shocked. really glad at the same time. pheww....

and there, that was my last day done an intern at that 'annoying' company and never ever go there again. wait, i was just my first week of intership. lots of thing coming up at my second and up weeks of internships at UKM. so trilled to share with you guys. to be continued........


p/s : moral of the story, really thing and plan before you apply an internships at certain company. do some research about the background of the company. and never take for granted your inner feelings. its really hepls, duh -_- 


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