My LI experience | Part 1

 Heyyyyyyy there! i know i know to many yyyy there. kekeke~
i'm currently in final year of study. again i know, bunch of cray cray right? but i'm still trying to get better and maintain my result. that's what every student goals somehow. anyways, the semester start. means school started 2 days ago. and i just recently finished my LI or in malay we called it LATIHAN INDUSTRI or english say internship'll understand what i mean right. 

Latihan industri course is compulsory to every university student bcoz they said they want to give student learn and experience the job world. indeed i agree. for some people never been work for entire life like me (exp i was acting like a maid at home while holiday), teach a lot though. 

so my internship programme started from 6 July 2015 to 28 August 2015. during that period i have to go to other organization and experiencing the JOBS from them. at first, well how to explain this....
i was kinda freak out because not of the organization agreed to hire my as an intern after so many that i've applied. the date line near the end. freak out again. i was so naive and stupid (again) follow my friend and applied at one company that not so near at my house. so i thought i was settled and glad that i've a place for internship. 

feeling anxiously and kinda worried at my first day of internship at that company, i went there and registered at very kinda cloudy day. on that day, the manager brief and 'menceceh' and all that about the rules and regulations about the job. inner thought, everything gonna be ok. so, we were brought to the staff place. honestly i was kinda shock on how and what they've working on and how they done it. way beyond my expectation. it good or bad? keep reading guys.

so i keep my head very positively and pray the positive charge to recharge my thought. so i did. for a few days. everyday i went there with very unpleasant feeling. it's ok, Wardah. here's come my angel thought. yet, i met new friends (girls that get along to) there. from other universities in Malaysia. there were 2 from UNIMAP and 1 from UTEM. they said they also having the same issues finding their place to do intern. there, sounds CONNECTED! i get along so well with them. doing works together. but one day..... yes, keep reading it.

on my third day of intern, i was ordered to some jobs outside the office. my thought was....WHAT??? outside of the office not at outside the door of the office ok. outside Selangor/KL. !@#$%^& there my thought again. i keep cool and told my mom. my mom told it's ok, it's fine to learn all those stuff. you'll get pro when you get real job later. never in entire my life hear my mom say that. NEVER. even now she wouldn't let me go to The Mines (its a mall) by myself. yet again, i thought it was ok.

i went doing the job with one of my coursemate that also intern there. cool, i was partnered with someone that i know and easy-to-get-along-with. with not so trill but ok feeling, we agreed to do the job. 

i need to run on something. will be continue soooooooooon as possible.



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