Favorites Lip Products

let's talk about lip products. oh, yeah. when it come to those, i honestly straight will think about lipstick, lip crayon, lip gloss, lip balm and lips of course. does it so obvious? does it? lol. so, far at the age of 21, i could say that i'm obsess when it come to it. especially when i go to the drugstore. looking at the new lip collections going around. new or old doesn't matter. really.

so far i can say that Revlon is my favorite ones. so far. meh. not all of them. but some that i've tried. you gotta try it before you wanna know the result. so let's get into it.

1. New Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm
i really love this lip balm. omg. the color is so awesome.  i had those in color called Standout. it definitely standout your lips i'll tell ya.
pros : the color stay all day on my lips. plus it matte. my hair doesn't stick onto my lips. and and and all the color are super pigmented. thumb up!
cons : sometimes it dry out my lips with awful crack. it looks yuck. hahaha...

2. Revlon ColorBurst Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
this also one of my favorite. to be honest, i kinda fan of these kind stick crayon kinda lipstick.i had in Rendezvous same as the matte balm. it's really good for everyday look.
cons : dry out my lips. but anyway i really love it. love the lipstick not the crack lips.

3. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
these are my current favorite. i know. i know. i just have the guts to buy and try them. plus i bought them i a huge deal. what can i say. the colorrrr. i had in Macaroon. omg. so pretty. shiny. wooo. it give that woooow kinda feeling. hahaa.
pros : super mosturizing. super. super. it  doesn't chap out my lips at all. really good. the colors are beautiful. no cons at all. to me though.

p/s : pretty much i've saved this post for few months to wrap up all the things to say. but clearly i'm not. but anyway i shall continue next time. whahahha (not so evil laugh) hope u guys love it. bye!


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