20 Facts About Me

so, this '20 facts about me' challenge has been viral and flooded all over instagram. which makes me swipe my phone screen until their clean because way too long caption. since, it's very inconvenience (i think) so why not i write it on my blog instead. by the way, i've been tagged by my bff @ms1611 , thats her ig name btw. without further a due, let goooooooooooooo......


1. i was named based on my sister favorite tv shows during that time and yet gives the meaning of 'flower'. yeay, so prouuuudd of it.

2. that name was in text book when i was studied in standard something something... we learned how to say flower in arabic. so, yeah. consider everyone knew my name.

3. i always flunk on maths tests i took. but during the finals, i've been able to passed for a good. not A though. never.....

4. i scared to across road my myself. i have small fear when i see big roads. like highways. thought i've could remember the incident that almost got me killed during rained.

5. my current obsession towards lipstick cannot be separated. i'm barely can't here any good and new lipstick coming out. especially those are not here in Malaysia. well, just say that i love make up.


7. i addicted watching Youtube. since i thought that would be a replacement for tv. some shows on tv are too bored to watch.

8. i do believe in this phrase 'what goes around, comes around'....

9. oh, currently studying at one of the best RU (research university) in Malaysia. and it just at the back of my house. again, so prouuuuddd!!!!

10. i'm a A type. my sister thought i was adopted since my blood type was different from her. meh!

11. i hate people who think their good and bring the same sh**t in every single conversations. thought that would've mirrors them self first.

12.  i think this tagged is too long but anyway lets proceed.

13. i hate people wear the same this as i was  wearing. neither colour or same pattern. urmm...those copy cats!

14. i love kpop, i love to watch their korean drama, reality shows and whatsoever. i just love to watch them.

15. i learned not to trust anyone except my own family. you'll never know, even your so called bff would came 'murder' you tragically.

16. i found i really inspired by a cool people such as my sister, Leonardo de Vincci....???

17. been a shopaholic before. still....

18. i wish i was school in Hogwards. 

19. i love and happy being alone myself. i wish it last forever...

20. i'm happy to be able to finish this tag.

i finally made it! it took me almost an hour to think 20 facts about me omg. i think there's more about me but i don't know how to put it in words. okay 21. should be bad in describing stuff. hoho.



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