Went way little overboard

Hurmm..yup. raya  mood still on. arghh...my tummy in kinda crisis where it's getting bigger and bigger due i eat a lot. come on sebulan lah. yes i know its a month. fine. my face getting round ever. worst!!

 oh, hello bulat. phew!

yesterday i went for open house at my mom colleague house. yup, i eat much a lot. and we went to some fountain near by her house. went through orang asli village some more. seriously, surprise by how they live in. some are still live that wood house with kinda bad condition. some are live in kinda modern house with a lot of cars (kalah rumah aku tau tak) here some of the pictures that i've taken. my picture of course.

so excited seeing those. quite a long time i haven't seen such a gorgeous fountain. last this, i've remember went to see a real life fountain when i went REAL jungle trekking in a jungle during form 2. so cool. kinda jaks... hahhaa! btw, those people at the back totally ruined entire of my pictures taken. adoi!!!

can't wait new semester to start. way too bored here at home. yeah, seriously nothing to do more than sleep and eat everyday. recently i realize i can draw pretty well during i'm in a stress and bored moment. urmm......

there, inspired by something Pinterest. kind into Pinterest lately.

plus, i sooooo cant wait my sister is coming back. urmm, maybe around next month? but still around that. yeayyyy.... finally she come back. just awhile to settle some important before she head back to UK for PhD. cool dude! gonna write some list of stuffs to ask her buy it for me. hahaha...
 that's all for now. byeeeeee....



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