School days | Throwback

scrolling down some pictures that i've thought i've lost it forever. but some old me that made some copy out of nowhere at my mom office computer. wow me. bravo. sure, i've lost some the memories, i mean pictures during my matriculation days. but there, that's the reason why people upload pictures on facebook. for, i'll deleted all because urmm... i hate it. maybe. 

well, i found these. it's when i was 16. i think. yeah. i am so proud of my self that time. being one of the best students in school and the coolest thing was i knocked off all the negative thought about me and my family.

that was me back then. please don't mind with the picture quality. my mom took it. never thought i gonna achieved that much. my SPM kinda 'ke laut'. but anyway, thats give me some spirit to pull out my self until here. i mean where i study now. eventhough, i'm not study something that i've dream since i was kid but hey, i'm sure there always gonna better things come next to me.

i guess the best my study year probably during my matriculation days. well, i guess it's not really a school but the vibes there makes me think it's a school. like a boarding school. it actually a something we've called a preparation to university level. i mean come on, eventhough there were lectures there but still we called them as 'cikgu'. like a cool 'cikgu' seriously. best one!

 spot me

those are bunch of my favorite people there. well not entire of it but some. hehehe. they acted like there are suppose to act. like a mature 18 years kid. so called kid. jealousy?? maybe just put that in your a**. i think. we've study together. tak baik jeles jeles nih.

back then i used to hate school. but now i realized during the school days were the best day ever i felt. since my holiday near to end, that means new semester is on the way. what? hahaha... i wish all you guys all the best. byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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