i need my fresh air

well, it seems that i've been enjoying my entire semester break without writing any post. phew.obviously yes?? sort of. eating, sleeping, watching youtube videos then back doing the same thing again and again.

back to the main topic, where i do start? so, far i think my problem is actually not really a problem. but i gonna write it anyway.... ok, i have a problem with smells. yup, you read it right and keep on reading. its not my nose got some blockage or something something. it happen sometimes. there you go SOMETIMES (opss, the caps lock on). it's not all the time. 

i agreed with people who enjoying, loving, urmm whatelse word should i describe more. those who love perfume so much, i guess. myself especially loves perfume. omg, my smells that have fruity sense on it. like i'm obsessed. and i practically, cannot live without wearing perfume. if i going out without putting those goodness, i feel like end of the world. end. habit, you know.........

 but i wear it in appropriate amount that suitable and i still be able to smells fresh air. seriously, we've human being need fresh air. living healthy you know, cleaning up those carbon dioxide in our lungs. again, but seriously. have you guys ever across people smells lie that they've showered with thousands bottles of perfumes? o to the m to the g. i've been through this everyday. i totally sick of it.

i found that mostly man do wear perfume like that. not all man. some, ok? seriously, dude! OMG. i just cant stand them. the moment when you need some fresh air then suddenly, they cross in front of you. what do you think. the moment of truth, i will swearing right away. honestly. i mean , i'm out of breath and it can cause u to death ok????????
 what makes u do that??????

 seriously? does it because some fancy star had become the model of the perfume that you've might thing you gonna end up being the coolest like the model. some shits been thrown in peoples mind. come on. people gonna end up think u mad or something.

i guess if man doesn't like women wear too much perfume because they they think their way cooler than others, so as women. like myself, i 360 hate those aliens. phew, i'm going all out for this post. hahaha.... been stacked ages in my thought. sure, i'll write more soon. bye!



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