Hair Dilemma?

Hello, peep's!
I just realized how time flew like crazy so far. There are so many things that I haven't deal with it. Especially when it comes with hair. Shooting star, look how much they grown every single month

yet, i was thinking to color my hair this end year. pheww... but still can't decide either to get color with short hair or long. both are super gorgeous. here some example that i've prefer

yup, this version but i wanna bit shorter than this. her hair is super look nice. wonder who she is...
just ask then type imjennim. she awesome!

or maybe something like this

My hair wouldn't grown that long but in a bit of shorter version of her hair. I know that ombre hair is so in trend nowadays but i dont to give my mom a heart attack when she see me later. 

Dilemma attack. What do you think??


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