New chapter begin!

My new semester is begun. Hew, so far the first week of my 4th semester went okay. Pretty much I could say that I"m a bit nervous for this semester because this time I"m takin' a very nerve wrecking-ball subject which is calculus. Totally admit it that I am not really good or clever or whatever words that have the same meaning, phew, when it comes to maths things. Even I got a big fat C+ for for statistics for my previous semester. Nearly sent myself to death (it just an expression). Plus, I've been separated from most of my coursemates.

On the first class of first day, the lecturer gave us some quizzes related to the previous programming matters. Bravo to the absolute barely spoil my mood of the day.(consider it bare coz it's open book quiz) .

First week of the semester is a matter where most of students pocket money went to almost half because they went out like crazy. In my case, I almost did and of course I committed with my friends, anna, ika and che ku who have same head like me yaww...


Oh did I mention we almost went cray cray?? Hhahaha.... myself after class went out then straight away did some bowling, basketball and 4 songs of karaoke. 4 songs!!! with empty stomach. Gotta tell you how shakin' were my hand that time. hew! then of course, we straight away to fast food restaurant and ordered some fast food meal with LIGHT PEPSI (this doesn't really work,ika)

We also go cray cray with the foods to since we were really hungry. Hahaha! Lots of fun just chill with them. That's all for now. I'll try to write more soon. 



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