Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

I know that I'm a bit late to make a happy new year wish. But don't care, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!! EVERYONE". Wow, it's already almost halfway of January 2014. I've been cravin' to blogging since last year but end up busy prepared for my final. hew! And heck NOOOOOOO! I'm going 21 this year. aren't supposed people cool about it??

I'm gonna talk about last year,seriously. i know i am soo last year. Dont blame me i end up late posting a new post. bahahah! So 2013, will be the last year that i could never forgot. There were tons of memories been happened during last year. So let's scroll down...

1. January
I'm struggling finished my 2nd semester in university. What a pressure. hehwewhew.... (what??)

2. February
Let's skip to September because I"m doing the same thing for the rest of 7 months plus a long semester break that make my body getting bigger. huh!

3. September
My 3rd semester started. I met a new room mate. Well i have 3 new room mates but there was only one that always stick in that room. So, yeah! Pretty much there. and hack, i'm struggled with new course's subject since i'm taking double major. Here, meeting a new friends a cool thing! Didn't realized that they really so nice to me. Oh, yeah! I joined an art class!!!! 

4. October
This the month that I always cried if I could want to remember. That was the month that my only one beloved sister left to pursue her dream. I lost my 'tempat bergantung' after all. Yet, I know I cannot stick to her all the time. She went for a good reason. No matter what happened and people said to her, she just let it go.  I really miss her so much.

5. November
I still missed my sister badly. hew. But this time I'm also tried to finished up my final project . So here, the finale.....

6. December
Month of 'banjir'. Hhaha! Sort of i guess. My final project got cancelled for last minute and end up went for volunteered at Terengganu with bunch of friends. Met so much a good friends there. There were really nice and kind. Plus even more matured. Went there with a heavy heart?? hahha... but i know when we done a good thing for people, we'll get a good reward for it. Then, after that, i've continued the rest of the month studying for final exam (konon). lol! 

Hopefully this year will be much more nicer and good to me. Realizing that will be celebrating my 21st birthday alone in my room with my sister not around :( This year, hopefully i hope to be more happier than everrrrr! That's all, kot. 



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