I love November

p/s : camera kinda sucks. teehee!

Hey, guys! I been quite awhile since my last update. Well, as you know this time i've a lot kinda doing some art stuff. And hack, it's the batik canting. I know it's kinda old stuff but i must say it is not that easy to done it. Pretty much i could say that kinda struggle with preparing for the final project coming. So, as you can see on top was actually my first ever attempted of canting stuff. Not bad i can say. Not to brag but i litterally messed some stuff out there. Fyi, i had some training session with my trainer and hack again, i got full marks. You can see lots lots lots of red lines there means way too much mistake i make. I love November. Ahaks! That's all for now. I'll update soon.


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