November Haul

From left : REVLON Just Bitton Kissable, LOREAL Color Riche, IN2IT lasting lipstik, IN2IT moisture intense, NIVEA fruity shine, and the last two are from AVON Simply Pretty

Well hello there everyone! It's been November already and that's mean there are a few months left before my final exam. Urmmm.... Yes, as you can see up there are my huge favorite haul of the months. It's not that I just got them, just wanted to share things that I've used everyday and all the time. So, let's get started. The top picture was my huge crush so called love lipstick / lipbalm or whatever you want to called it. I found that that REVLON Just Bitten Kissable is soooo cool.I saw one of favorite Youtubers used it such as Zoella280390 and Tanya Burr. It stay for so long on your lips but somehow the taste quite pretty bluekk. love it!! I use it in colour number 040 (it doesn't state the colour,weh) heheh! Oh, yeah! that Neutrogena Fairness Lotion is so good on my face. It doesn't make my face look that so kind of zombie face. Highly recommended.

I've done some online shopping kinda shop thing with my friends. Plus, it one of my course subject thinggg. Hihhi... We sells gorgeous shawl and scarf. Also pretty and cute little HANDMADE bow broach. Most thankful it you guys support us by like us on facebook (link down below). xo :)


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