Life update | October 2013

Hei you guys. I know its been ages since my last update. There's too much going on happen in my life right now. 5 weeks since my new semester start. Quite packed, really. I already struggle doing much of computer assignment since this semester i've taken computer subjects. hew! Not only that, economy class is super freakin bored and statistic too. Anyway, i cant choose to hate or love it. Whatever it is, I need to score more than my previous semester coz last result kinda feel like falling from the mountain ;'(

Also forgot to mention, it past how many weeks since my sister left me to UK for futher her study. Pretty sooooo freakin sad. It felt that i lost one of your important lucky charm on earth.This Eid Adha, will be the first raya without her. Sad and freakin bored.

p/s : i really miss her! and kakak, if you reading this, just wanted to say............... 
I WANT A NEW MAKEUP SET???  hehehe ^^

and i'll attached some photo of you plus with my worst bare face ever. lol! xo ^^


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