Craft week!

Hey guys! This week will my most favorite week and also my worst so called bad week because that programming test. The questions so not me!!!

Well anyhow, now I'm back on track and catch up back  my drawing skills stuffs as I joined some 'batik canting' class at my uni for my extra co-curiculum activities and stuffs. I tell you more, this is so freaking fun!!!! ahahaha.... Back then during my school days, I love playing with colours.... used to get A for all art class (no brag attached). lol! So this week, I've done some tie-dye shirt thing. yeayyyy! I know these days, tie-dye shirt is sooooo kinda thing. People selling them for like almost RM50 per a simple shirt. Yet, it so pretty easy too do but I must but say quite tiring. The result, I cannot reveal it yet because I have to wait for next week. Can't wait. heheh!

And much coolio stuffs I'll to do next week. Hihihi! The instructor is sooooo cool. He told that, we've going to do 'canting' don't know what called in english for next week. Another hooooray day!!!!

 lepaking time!!

 i over paint. lol!

  That's what my Instructor did. Soooo coolio!

 Other groups are so nerd doing that!

This is random.


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