School flashback

i know, everyone on this planet went to school. 
well, except for those who unfortunate. 
anyhow, while i chillin' waiting to to break my fast for the day, i've scroll down some picture that i've took during my school year.
 pretty funny actually.
 i looked at my class picture starting from my primary till i'm in matriculation. ngeh!

my primary school picture. lol! 
i found this on facebook where my friend tagged me on it. 
just spot me because in that picture i'm a bit blur at the same time.

then i found this also

that was my best class so far when i was reached secondary school. 
and lastly i missed this class hte most. 
maybe i realized this is the class that i close the most with the members.
 arghh, crying hard already now. lied 

i called the awesome classmatE EVER!!
lots of love <3 span="">

p/s : i found this picture really controversial and spooky. i think....


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