Pre - Raya kick | Top and Lipstick

I've done some shopping this evening. Hurray!
 Rush on since morning because me with my sister had to pick up her visa. 
 I hate stuck in the traffic

The above top is blue and the below one is turquoise with a cute lacey lacey collar on it. 
I think that what trend shows nowadays and look so cute too. Both are from SEED. 

Next, I'm desperately need a new lipstick and lip balm because they run off so quickly.

The normal lip balm was from NIVEA. I had my mouth so dry quickly lately. 
Plus, it got some flavour on it. I'm totally gonna like it. Since now I'm obsess with the red lipstick trend, so I shall need them a lot too. 
The first one was from IN2IT lasting lipstick (LA 08 cardinal red). 
Second one is L'OREAL Colour Riche (CR402 Fairy Touch).  
which I thought a bit pricey than the other one.

p/s : It's only few days left for Ramadhan. *sigh


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