Life update

Life update??
sounds so awkward to me. seriously.
Right now, i'm in a semester break for about 3 months. 
Nothing much about me except i'm getting older and fatter. 

But anyway i become a natural full timer at home as a successful 'bibik'. 
sapu rumah, basuh pinggan, lipat baju thats my job everyday and i did doodling sometime (doodle tuh ape? try google). 
Hahhaa.. nothing much actually. 

Also help my friend, Nashue (dia nih sangat lah awesome) to do some doodling stuff on her bag. Quite fun actually. Heheehe. Here some of the work that i've made.

For closeup view

Maybe that's all from now eventhough i have so many things want to write. Ngeh!
Babai korang :)

p/s : actually there is nothing to do with life update pong, saja nak tayang beg tuh jew. teehee!


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