My mom caught a rat!


Lol, i'm back. Hurray! Obviously because i got a tons of time to work back on my blog. So now, i'm a officially become a non-paid full time blogger. for now. That's it. Urmmm...pretty much. Alright, last night.... Ok fine, what happened last night was my mom caught a giant and most digusting creature everrr.... Let me tell y'all. hint:peter pettigrew. U might think what on earth is that creature?? or shall  i say monster?? it a RAT. Yes, IT'S A RAT! some people will think, it just a rat. Like you know how seriously when come to rat??? freakin' dangerous ok!

muka nak kena pelempang!

Oh, speaking of rat.Before that, i wanna tell a lil secret of mine. Secret, i guess...... i've been BITTEN BY A RAT. A rat, i thought. It happened when i was in standard 6 in primary. Weird things actually occurs when i went to see a doctor to get some meds and it went omg omg omg omg omg really worst. Half of my face got swollen like a baloon. Kidding. But it does swollen badly. I had to took a leave for 2 days. 

Unfortunately, most of my friends in school knew about it. Even worst! And also thanks to that !@#$ rat, i missed a lot of things in school. Yawn. Lucky me to be able to excel well in exam. Lucky, huh? Yeayyy.... i pretty much say that my brain started to change a bit since then. Not that i'm crazy! That's all for now. Tata.

p/s : the title and the story doesn't really match. didn't they??  and Happy Fasting people :)


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