Current turn -on

Like seriously what i'm doing here (again). i've browsed youtube for quite sometime and found the coolest cover made by the coolest people. ahaaha.. they really sound pretty nice dow... so here some

this is freakin' awesome!
minah nih hebat giler kot! and it's my sister favorite. huhuh!

and here's my favorite. hehehe....

well, i started to adore them because of the cool hair. man with that kind of hair.... amagaddd!
then their voice are not bad actually. u might thought that i'm sooo kpop sangat kan?
but look, they doesn't so kpop lah.
It's actually a new group from Korea, mestilah  uolls! didn't really meletops like my Super Junior. but anyway compared to others, i really prefer this. plus plus plus, they kinda adorable. ok, i'm started merepek ke laut already. yawn!

here another one

enjoy eveybody!
p/s : Super Junior still my no.1. yezza, i'm a freakin kpopholic. lol!


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