Real stuff going on

Hey guys, i know i've way too long not blogging anything since the previous crap entry ones. Ngeh! But seriously, i'm a way too busy until too lazy to eat. wait, what's going on between blogging and eating? *yawn. 

This sem getting more tougher and susah (i dont even know if it sounds right). More biology subjects going on the crap right now. Even though, i'm a ex-biology student before, to tell the truth, the freaking hack i almost forgot everything what i've learned before during matriculation. Plus i have to get serious and i've got thisssss.....

look at that black thing under my eyes, i hate those thing!

Whatever it is ( you guys will think i'm meroyan in this entry), speaking of matriculation. When i was scrolling through the timeline on Twitter, i saw a lot of #kmpp. Dushhh, only God knows how i miss my life in matriculation. Sigh! Worst thing happen, i lost all the pictures i've taken during those days. Luckily, i had uploaded some on my facebook. such a lame!

the place that i used to hang out with my friends... a lotttt!

The reason i write this entry just wanna say to my friends at matriculation
hehehe, bye korang!


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