Hello mello!

It's been so while sangat i haven't post any entry here. Gahh, crazy stuffs going on in uni life. Breaking the silence i'll try to write more here, i mean now. Still trying to melt all the frozen ideas that been stored for few months. Ahaha,lol! I really miss my all time hobby which shopping. but now got no time to hooohah like those freakin' time ago.

Last week, i'll catched up with my ex classmate during matriculation for Twilight. Arghhh, it's the last twilight ever and much insane that i almost shed tears bcoz of no more twilight aftah thizzz.. NO MORE JACOB BLACK!! (kiddin'). 

 vote for team Jacobbb!!!!

Also been missin' my classmate awesome. Huh, i wish they're here in UPM.
Been meeting a lot of peoples now. Some of them still have that 'BABIES' attitudes in theirself. More or less, i learn not too friends with those strangers. My semester is almost near to end. Time running way too fast. And next year there is no more teen at the back of my age. I guess that's all for now. Gotta study. (katanya) Final exam just around the corner. Wish me luck :)

p/s : I've been watching this new series called Beauty and the Beast. Starring minah hot yang berlakon dalam cerita smallville tuh dulu. Tersangat lah awesome. u should check out too!


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