Friday freak!

Yesterday was havoc! I went to Putrajaya for making passport that i wondered if i've leaving Malaysia soon. (ayat bajet). Ahahaha.... And yes as usual, i dragged my sister everywhere i go.

After that, gotta went back to college to pick up some stuffs there. Yeah, without planned and forgot actually, we've went to shopping!!! for bookssss. Just remembered that Big Bad Wolf start yesterday :D

look how zillions people was there on the first day!

In there i've got crazy. Just look and pick up all the book we saw. Yoohoo!

We waited to pay our stuffs!

top by Kitschen
Two boxes for us! 

And yeaah big achievement that i've got myself the whole series of my favourite novel which is Gifted. Argghhh. There are 6 of it and i got for RM8 for each of them. Futhermore, much other novel that i've bought. Seriously can't wait to read it! You should check them out at Big Bad Wolf at MIECC, Mines.

p/s : My body got sick baaaaadly!


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