What are you talking about?

Yet, i had a chat with my sis. And the topic was something to do Malaysian artist scandal. Imma whaatttt??? Seriously, i dont know that she exist.

Dont get me wrong. I left home about a year ago and that was the time i said bye bye to the outside world. Now i'm back,it's like i missed everything. Everything!!!!!! Huh, pissed off. Plus, the annoying part when i switched on the tv,stupid news came out again again and again. 

After 2 days back from college,i got a called for interview at UiTM. Danggg it! They asked about current issues. They asked me my opinion about Bersih?? In my head, how i'm supposed to answer that,i dont even know what is it? Bersih??? sapu bersih?? Memang alamatnya,merapu kepunden marangskeperrrrr la. Anyway let gone be by gone. Move on!

Within 2 weeks, i would say the UPU result will come out. Totally nerve wracking! I wonder where that would continue my study. hopefully belakang rumah. Insyaallah!
 till then,xo!


  1. waa. interview apakahh wardah?

    1. meskom je kott. lol!
      tak hebat mana pon T__T

  2. haha. apa apa pun. all the best :P

    1. dah lepas dah la.jai pon aritu pergi interview jugak kan?


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