Shoes come first!

Seriously, I dont look up when i walked. Look down is the best coz i sometimes accidentally will bumped into people. Lol! Yesterday, i went to one of the famous shopping mall in Malaysia and when i arrived there without looking and thinking, i straight away walked inside the mall.

All of aunt said ' Eh, tu bukan yang artis tu ke?'. Oh btw did i mentioned, i went there with my aunt and my sister? So yeah, i turned back and look. I wondered. Seriously i dont know who she was. Sorryyyyy!!!

Because anyway i dont know about this celebrity wold since i further my study in matriculation. Proud saying that i'm so YESTERDAY. I does looked at her shoes anyway. LMAO!
Best part is it become a habit to me. Just say that i'm more into shoes rather than people. Haaala... Waktu dekat matrik pon i suka tengok orang pakai flat shoes yang cantik cantik. I mean i also got a friend who actually act just like me. Total awesome.

That's why i had problem when come shopping for shoes. I guess i've bewitched by the shoes especially high heels. Sometimes it takes about couple hours just to find the right pair of shoes for me. So complicated right.Fussy fussy fussy!what all matter are comfortable and fashionable. Ahaks..

tata for now!


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