May 22, 2012

Oh My English!

Lol! Oh my english is a new astro tv show that already on aired on last Sunday. Currently i'm so into the series. i mean,i love the show. (bukan masuk ke dalam siri itu) 

Yes, i really agreed english is really important to me. not just me,i guess everyone. Lets have look at these days,most of people communicate in english. Kita bukan hidup dalam zaman parameswara dulu tuh. dont get me wrong, i pun bukan la pandai sangat berbahasa apatah lagi nak cakap dalam bahasa inggeris. tapi at least i try.

I still remembered when i was in school, most of the jerk usually called me the "English Girl" because i spoke english with my friends and teachers. it's not a crime at all when you speak in english! kalau tak percaya, sebenarnya cikgu akan lebih salute kat korang bila korang berbahasa inggeris dengan mereka. ceh,ayat skema!!!

Now I'm really glad that i can speak better english than before even though it still broken here and there. so as my writing. janji pahamkan???

Nak lagi best check out this video...

I'm pretty sure you guys doesn't want to be like him,right??

p/s : Saya masih lagi berbahasa Melayu ok! bye

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