Movie review : Dark Shadows

Well, on the day I went out with my awesome ex classmates actually we also went to watched movie. omaigaddd, it's Dark Shadows. I must say that i'm a huge fan of Johnny Depp. Plus the theme of the movie is vampire that's make me even more want to explode want to watch it. yekss...

and here meet some of the characters that i found really really really interesting.

The awesome Barnabas Collins played by Johnny Depp

Meoww, I'm Angelique Bouchard. This character played by Eva Green. If u wondered who the heck is Eva Green is... google je beb! U can also seen her in Casino Royal. nak senang taip je awek James Bond,keluar la dia.hahaha.

One more character that always always i love is the one who played the role as werewolf. Tak kisah la perempuan atau lelaki. Even in Twilight,I love Jacob Black.

Her name is Carolyn Collins. Barnabas punya cucu cicit yang macam mereng tapi cool. lmao!

Memang berbaloi la bayar tiket untuk tengok this movie. Plus not even Johnny Depp yang hebat dalam movie ni but i must say hampir semua actor dalam cerita nih semuanya hebat hebat. 10 stars beb!

Can you imagine if Siwon as Barnabas Collins. Mesti I menjerit-jerit dalam cinema tuh. Lol!


  1. Hopefully DS 2 punye si won berlakonn. hahaha!

  2. amin! doa la banyak banyak.....lmao!


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