April 03, 2012


Hehe, i writing it just for fun since there is no computer science practical class today. Ahaks, and yet I'm counting for my birthday. LMAO! For this *&^th birthday there are so many things that I wanted (deperately)... i mean so called wish for...

1# iPhone is a must!!

Weh, i can say my old phone dah nyawa-nyawa ikan rupanya. Plus,since i change my phone with my mum phone yang ada torch light tuh (bajet je),macam -macam pulak jadinya. kejap hidup kejap mati! And why is it an Iphone?? Urmm, i've tried to used bb but iPhone is still AWESOME!

2# Bag is the Fabulasity!

New bag for hang out + pergi kuliah a.k.a kelas + pergi kenduri + pasar malam (perlukah??). But anyhow really want a new bag macam beg guess tuh.Lol! nak perasan kejap jadi Paris Hilton (tiba tiba)

3# Childhood memory

I used to love Hello Kitty damn so much when i was kid. Ok,sekarang baru nak mengaku tua. Fine! Seriously, i don't play with Barbie coz back then i think Barbie memang gedikssss (itu dulu). ahaks. I can say form head to toes semuanya Hello Kitty. sampaikan kasut sekolah tadika pon ada gambar Hello Kitty. urmm,kids! So nanti kalo i sambung degree i nak hias my room with all Hello Kitty things. Ok,it sounds a bit crazy!!

Ok,nak pengsan kejap!

4# Last maybe??

Kalau dapat nih, it is the best present everrrrrr! what do ya thing???

Actually there is more and more and more and more! Haha, sounds so greedy like Haji Bakhil in P. Ramlee's movie. (rolling on the floor)

I guess for now i should leave it for a while since my final exam is just sebelah rumah cik kiah yang hujung tuh. Next week dah start study week then after that perang Harry Potter dengan Voldermort yang takde idongg bermula kembali. Ok bye!

p/s : forgot to mention,NAK SANGAT SANGAT JUMPA MAMAT NIH SEBAB HARI HARI MIMPI DIA!!!!! (tertekan caps lock)

comel lettew! heheeh....

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