Welcome 2012!

So I guess, different peoples have the own different style of shop. That’s mine by the way. I love the way I’m shopping. Lol!

That all for now. Tata,y’alls.

It’s been a while since my last entry on 2011. Now it’s already been 2012. Wow, time moves so quickly. Imagined back when year 2000, I was in standard 1 and that time I was 7 but now… woooooo I’m 19!!!!!  Not yet actually (still cant accept it!)

But anyhow I know I was the last person on earth will wish happy new year isn’t??? urmm…ok! So yeah, lately I’ve been busy worked on my English assignment project plus with the presentation. Urmm, my group was the last one to present. Total 100% effort me and my team put on it.

It’s already 2.00 am. So, weirdly I’m blank right now. Extreamely bored + exhausted and etc. I wish I can sleep right now. So that's it. Hope that I’ll more soon, tata!


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