I should realized : Nightmare has come back!

The nightmare is coming back. I know most all the matriculation student were getting their PSPM result for 1st semester today. Yeah, some might felt it as nightmare but some maybe felt it the other way round.

Sitting here in my room after finishing almost all the tutorial that I’ve never wonder when it’s going to end. Even though I felt this feeling before. It’s not that Freddy (character in Nightmare on Elm Street) been hunted me for all these few days, it just….. I almost felt terriblely down. But anyhow, Alhamdullilah I was lucky to full fill my study as a PST (Program Satu Tahun) student.  For those who scored less will continuing their study as PDT student.

Immediate I got the result, I called my mom. She really blessed for what I’ve got. She knew since the beginning I was struggle hard to through this study but I anyhow I failed to make her smile abroadly like she was before. Although I didn’t manage to make her heart comfortable but she still told me that I need to put more than 100% for this semester.  I knew deep in her heart there are still have some disappointed.

So, for this semester I hope that I manage to work harder that before. I try to less my so called nap time and other silly things that I used to to it even though I’m busy. I will not stop studying until I get what I want even though since kid I don't have heart to become a doctor but you still want a great life in future right??? lol

By the way, congrats to my friends who scored well in last semester.  Kita semua merancang, hanya Allah yang menentukan. Might be my faith has written there like this. No matter how, we as Muslim must belive it.

p/s : I already cried a week before the result came out. So I don’t really have feeling to cry again except while writing this entry. Rofl! After went back from class today, I snored like a panda in my bed.

I laughed so hard when I remembered this picture was taken. LMAO!!

Tata for now,



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