Confession of a shopaholic part. 2

So yes for those who following my previous entry, they will know what I’m going to write. Hahaha,lol! Btw, I love shopping. I’m not a shopaholic actually but I guess most of girls or women will scream or maybe feel so excited when the word ‘SALE’ is printed and put on front of the malls. Well, so am I. As I mention it before, I’m not a shopaholic but I’m more enjoy shopping as my hobby. Maybe???
So here some tips that I would like to share with you guys while I’m enjoying my SHOPPIN’ :

1.Plan something before you’re went shop.
So yes when comes to plan lots of peoples can plan a lot of thing. But actually they follow and stick with their plan while shop? If me, I’ll plan it a  week before I go to shop (I allow to go out during weekend only). Plan things that you really, really, really want to buy first. The rest urmm I guess……

1.   Budget
Speaking about budget, to me it’s must. Let say, as a student I’m not living in a wealthy life. We only live with the allowance that been bank in into our account. So for example, I budget that I’ll used only RM150 for shop. But if you over limit shop maybe u need some back up plan. If me, I’ll change the whole of my shopping plan. Lol!

1.   While buying
Stick with thing that you want to buy first. Most of you maybe will attracted to others thing too but try hold it first. When you done bought the must buy thing then korang boleh serbu beli barang yang korang suka macam kambing.ok!
1.   While eating
After emptying our purse, our stomach must sing in out of tempo of song. So you must get some food to eat. Food is the thing that I don’t care how much is price it was. If you want to eat, just eat. Don’t too stingy about all these thing. Otherwise, you’re the one who going to eat. Selera masing-masing la kan? Perut aku bukan perut kau.

Sorry gambar tak jelas. tapi jelas ini mentedarah namanya! lol

1.   Leftover
Urmm… what else that I can do when I have some leftover money for shop? What do you think. HELLO, STRAIGHT GO BACK SHOPPING OK!!! That what I always to!
So I guess, different peoples have the own different style of shop. That’s mine by the way. I love the way I’m shopping. Lol!

That all for now. Tata,y’alls.


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