Fuyoo, cuti sem belum start lagi???

Right, i'm sitting alone in my room. Finally, ive finished my  MUET Speaking Test last Tuesday ago. Alhamdullilah. For those who not done yet, congrats! haha...What i'm talking about???
There's so many thing to write about. i guess i should cut off some points. lol! this week is the last day lecture in KMPP for this semester. mention it again last day of lecture,ok!  yet, the final exam is just around the corner. i've need to catch up all the subjects that i left behind. My beloved Chemistry, computer science, the awesome mathematics and the biology that makes me falls a sleep during lecture. thank u!

For a week in a row,i've never studied u in my room bcoz usually if i did that, i always got tired. thanks to my beloved chemistry. yet my friend, Nashue said in her blog "i dont know why people love chemistry so much rather hat physics?". To tell the truth, most of my classmates hates chemistry. there are more into maths rather that chemistry. but to me, it dont care!!! i just LOVE CHEMISTRY ,MANN!!! rofl.

Btw, i recently i'm not feeling well. urmm...i guess it's the season. mom had send me bunch of medicine since i'm so malas nak pergi klinik. hahah... seriously a lot. thaks mom!

For this 2 week will be my study week in here. hopefully i manage to catch up all. insyaallah! Ok lah, my head is spinnig around. so here i would like to give a big shout out to Nashue, Aisya J, Izzati Zubir, Aqeem and all matriculation students all over Malaysia.....


Nih masa nak lari utk larian kakom! bapak penat giler kot!!! kiteorang aerobik lagu hindustan. lol
xo everyone!

p/s : untuk yang dah cuti sem tuh,tahniah la korang (dalam nada jeles!) rofl. cuti sem budak matrik pst 2 minggu je... rasenya tak sampai kot 2 minggu. *yawn! lagi satu, title entry kali nih takde kena mengena dengan cerita. peace....


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