Bored is not the new leaf...

I’m current battle with final exam. Yes,hahaha! But anyhow there still another  week for study. Then the real war begin. rofl.

Well, recently I can’t get enough sleep due to my so called addictiveness to Nescafe yang sedap hingga menjilat mug polka!  so, even I try to sleep might be about 2-3 hours only plus with dreams that sometimes called it nightmare and sometimes not.

Sitting here during study week is the boring thing everrrr. Besides study, I also tried went for jogging at evening but seems now it’s been raining all the time in Penang. Now,I just finished answered a few maths questions. Fuhh, what an achievement!!

To tell the truth last night I dreamt about Vivi Yusof. Urmm, why?? Lack of idea. Hihi. I think she so cool, I guess. Also currently been watched video made by Kev Jumba. His video were so cool to watch. Ok fine,maybe I’m the last person on Earth knowing that Kev Jumba existence. Rofl! Btw, you guys should watch him on Youtube. 

I guess that it for now. I planned to write this entry during middle of night. But I’m so exhausted now, so here what you read.

p/s : I’m extremely missed my awesome high heels……  
xo :’)


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