Mixing problems...

Hahaha,i'm intentionally wrote the title like that. There is nothing to do with the story that i want to u guys. Not a story actually,sorry la der! it sort of like membebel. ok,fine!

Yet,i didn't managed to upload the pictures that i snap during iftar with the most AWESOME classmate ever coz of c**** broadband sucks. Yeaaaa! Bravo. I seriously worried b'coz i haven't do any preparation for raya coming. it's on next week btw. Last Monday, I went out for iftar with my sis and suddenly something happened.

To start the story,my sis treat me for iftar at th MAEPS restaurant. Ok la fine. so we went there quite there quite late actually since its near by my house.(bukan la dekat macam maulana depan sekolah tuh,tapi dekat jgk la) After my sis parked her car,than we rushed to the restaurant because it's already Azan. mens its the the where we have to break our fast. then,snaaaappppp! KASUT AKU TERKOYAK + TERCABUT! !@#^!!!  OMG, like this time only kau nak tercabut la kasut??? Man, my heart totally sank kot.

But luckily my sis had a slipper in her car. Fuhh,macam orang tempang i lari straight to car.... then,we straight bukak puasa. buffet kot. i guess its not really worth it coz we just had little of the food. Oh,yeah? I had nasi with 2 ketul of ayam kicap and of course char kuey teow. my sis was like crazy ate them since she added up twice. sedap??? my tounge said, "nahhhh,not really".

Well,i guess that it! i'm still wondered what colour theme this year/ i'm thinking of mak ngah red (hahahaa) but my classmate awesome want us to wear purple. D I L E M M A....

till then, i wish u all SELAMAT HARI RAYA. MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN. xo!


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