August 16, 2011

A few days left....

Seriously, i'm in the lab comp. finishing my computer science assignment (which is done actually).

Here is quite havoc with the Lagu Raya songs and yet we all only talks about the preparation for raya. Just now, my lecturer just asked about our preparation for raya. And WTH???! I can't even think about it (tipu) muahahaha....

Tomorrow is a public holiday but still i got class to attend. Nasib baik la 1 kelas je. But anyhow, i can't wait nak balik rumah. Omjayyy, i seriously missed a lot of things at home. Especially, my shopping habittttt! (kantoi)

Recently, i went out for ifar with my awesome classmates and mentor. Super duper cool. Frankily speak, it was the best hang out day so far i'm in KMPP. About the pic??? I still managed to snap few of it. Later i'll upload it!

Gtg,i need to teach my friend about this blog thingsss.....

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