Breaking the habit

Haha,the title sounds like Linkin' Park song if i'm not mistaken. i had a blast for these 2 days. wow, let's me tell u first, i'm a ex shoppaholic (not that really,but sort of). A word that i couldn't resist for entire of my life is


and yes i laterally freakin' out when i saw that sign or hear it. So, yet yesterday and today i went for shop for raya. My mom so kind somehow bought me 2 pairs of baju kurung and baju kebaya for me. muahahaha! Fuhhh, seriously unbeliavable. Memang banyak la semalam sampai my back still sakit untill today. 

For today, i bought a pair of gorgeous high heels. Bukan gucci, bukan jimmy choo. I don't know what brand it is and i dont care about it. what's the matter is the shoes is damn gorgeous and comfortable.

well,i'm lack of idea. see u then. later guys! xo :)


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