What a dumbfull day!

 Ok, I need to chill myself first. Let's begin this entry, I had the most dumbfull day. Is that understandable? 

Move on, recently just few hours ago I already submitted my SC***** assignment for task 1. Unfortunatenately, it doesn't worked as I hope! Seriously pissed off right now. I spend the entire whole my last Saturday finishing that stupid work. Plus, today on Kemahiran Dinamika class, the lecturer talked about stupid person doesn't want to talked to us. Ok, I admit I always kena that way. Kalau aku nih tak pergi sekolah, duduk celah hulu sana memang aku dah mencarut awal-awal! 

Being as a Matriculation student is not as easy as u guys think. The more slow u are, the more faster it will go. If u are fast enough, make sure to maximize to more full speed (lepas full speed tambah lagi!) With the work that never been finished, exam juuuust around the corner plus I almost give up.

Yeahh, I just cant belive people slept at 10.30 pm while their haven't touch or let just say revise anything for tomorrow classes. As I never mentioned it before, I have tried sitting at the back during lecture. The result is :


Kepala senget betul time tuh. My class were late went to lecture class on that day. The lecturer before let us out late somehow. (macam kelas kau je yang ada time tuh).

With full of tiredness, I need to end up this whatsoever entry. Whatsoever???? janji faham.

p/s : gambar dibawah tidak berkaitan langsung dengan entry kali ini. Harap maklum!

Macam rupa siapa? Cuba teka!
Oh, jakun giler apabila dapat tangkap gambar guna webcam sendiri. Hahahaha!


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