Jalan Kucing

As I sitting here at my room while eating rambutans (masyukkk), let's takl about jalan kucing! Most of u might wonder what the H*** is 'jalan kucing'? It's means catwalk in english. I just translate it in Malay btw. *yawn.

I know I'm not the perfect person to judge people walk. But here (to tell the truth), I'm quite surprise by their significant walk. Most of them, I would prefer said Keng***. U got it? Opposite to than the boys, their seem more in wannabe American Next Top Model. Lol! And yet some of the walked like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. *sigh. I wish I could do that.

With the girls and their Keng***, I suppose their shuld be more friendly la. Nih tak, jalan dah la Keng***, lepas tuh pandang orang macam bajet hot. Not only that kalau nak jalan tuh, main tolak tolak pulak. I mean come on, grown up!  Nowadays people live with manners. Nak cakap ko freehair, absolutely no!!!! Tudung labuh kot!

Other factor because we re all here wearing flat shoes. Nonsense!!!! Yet, not only u wearing flat shoes ok! The whole entire world re crazy about flat shoes.

I'm not here to lecture other about their walk. I mean, I also didn't walked perfectly like Ms. Jay. So here, just worries to see most of the girls walk like a man and doesn't care or concern about their LADIESNESS.

I guess most of u thought I'm so poyo kan? Haha, I have my right to write anything in my blog. Daaa.... So long, fellas!

Tata for now. xo!


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