It's really sad when I have to leave all the things I love behind. But anyhow, it's for my future then. This will be my last post and yet, my last day at home in Serdang. Next, i'll be at Penang for about 1 year. (fortunate for 1 year only).

To all my friends especially my ex-classmate either you are my friends in primary or secondary, I wish you all good luck for your study. I knew, some of them were lucky enough to get a chance study at back of my house (UPM la tu...) , matriculation, and lots more. Study hard like SPM (dead), be nice and get a 4+ in our CGPA.

Pesanan khidmat masyarakat : Please enjoy the song :)

I wish I had more words to picture of my feelings now. Hope we'll meet again. Tata for now (cryin')


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