I miss....

Well, as u guys knew~ all the result for U.P.U, Matriculation, and F6 already came out. Congrats to all my friends who get the chance to further your study to the next level. But to all the misfortune, I hope u guys don't be so criminally sad (like me before this). There are many chances u will get. I'll pray for u guys.
Sadly, like have to move on. I'm counting from now till the day I'll leave my beloved house. 1 minggu je lagi weh. Eh, silap 2 minggu (kot). I will be incrediblely, terriblely, definately and most horriblely miss....

1. bangun lambat???

2. goyang kaki sambil tengok iCarly and cartoon mostly

3. tak ingat benda nak tulis

4. TV kesayangan!!!!!!!!!!

Urmm... so many things actually. But never mind. I'll write soon. (lack of ideas) Oh-m-jayyyyy!
xo :o


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